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Effective Communication skills are the one area of humanism that we all need to master. Unless you are a hermit and living your life in a cave somewhere in the wilderness, we all need to communicate and persuade. This could be at an interview or giving a sales presentation or looking for a mate. However, most of us are not born with the necessary effective communication skills and we need to learn them to have a better chance of being successful in this life.

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A link to a presentation that teaches communication skills
How to develop a killer sales presentation using all the communication skills mentioned

Effective Communication Skills

When public speaking or giving a presentation there is a number of communication skills that need to be mastered.


This may seem obvious but this includes rehearsing your speech or presentation and practising all the communication skills we list below.


You need to work on an arresting opening that would immediately grab the attention of the audience. A good opening could include a quote, a rhetorical question to get the audience thinking, a shocking statement or maybe something humorous.


Your speech or presentation needs a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Think about how you are going to develop your argument. Will it flow in a chronological fashion or have flashbacks? Will it start with a scene and then flow in a way that would explain how that scene arose?


If you are trying to persuade an audience with your presentation or speech towards a particular path then you need to show sincerity and conviction. You need to show your passion and appeal to emotion and logic.

Gestures and Body Language – one of the most important communication skills

These are vital communication skills and can greatly enhance the meaning of your words and emphasise the important points you make during your speech. But you should be careful not to overdo this as the more gestures you have, the more you diminish the impact of each one.

Use of Voice

The voice is one of the most powerful tools a speaker possesses and the correct use of voice is a communication skill that must be mastered. You need to change your pitch and use pauses and various speeds of delivery to get maximum impact.

Eye Contact

This is so important when giving a presentation or speech. Many new speakers who are learning communication skills have great trouble doing this. So a good hack is to look at the forehead of the person you want to look at and it will appear to that person that you are looking him or her in the eye.

Vocabulary and Word Pictures

By describing scenes or situations vividly can stimulate the audience’s senses and actually take them to the scene you are describing.

Using Humour

Humour can be used to highlight a serious message or provide some light-hearted relief and the use of humour is one of the most difficult communication skills to master as it is not about telling jokes but allowing the humour to come out of the speech.

The Ending

As with the start of the speech or presentation, you must have a memorable ending. But so often this is spoiled by saying ‘Thank you’ after your end statement. Sometimes this may be appropriate but most times you want your final words to be lodged and remain in memory and by saying ‘thank you’ the effect is diminished.

All the above are the necessary effective communication skills to master to become a brilliant speaker. We will be adding additional pages to this website to cover in detail each of the competencies described above, so please bookmark this page and visit often.
Why not join a local speaking club to help you master the above effective communication skills. There you will be able to practise in front of a live audience and receive constructive feedback.


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