The first lesson if you are trying to improve your presentation skills is this! STOP! stop using bullet points in your presentations!


Using bullet points encourages a structure that makes slides bad.

It encourages you to put sentences in your slides but if you want to your audience to be attentive then dont put text up.

The audience struggle to listen and read at the same time.

The other thing bullet points tend to do is to encourage you to put more than 1 idea up at a time.

That means you may be talking about 4 different things from 1 slide. Best to use 4 different slides , so your audiences only focuses on 1 idea at a time.

But if you must use bullet points, bring them up 1 at a time.

Bullet points are inherently dull and they are a very dull way to present a presentation.

What you need to do, to take a quantum leap in your presentation skills,

is to turn you bullet points into virtual slide layouts!


Look at the famous Mazlos Pyramid.


presentation skills
Difference between bullet points and a visual layout


Now look at how it would look with bullet points !

Ok, I’ve exagerrated a bit, but you get my point!

presentation skills

If Mazlow had used a powerpoint bullet form slide for his heirachy do you think it would still be remembered??

So the first important lesson when developing your presentation skills is to stop using bullet points and convert you bullet point slides to a visual layout!

This is exactly what Andy did and now you can learn

how to create a powerful presentation using virtual layouts totally free of charge!


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presentation skills serve and sell system



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